Versatile and reusable diffusion duct

Made from high-strength, lightweight white polyethylene (PE) fabric, this duct is perforated with 2” vent holes every 48” at 4 and 8 o’clock positions.

It's ideal for moving hot or cold air evenly through tents, longer hallways or large rooms. The brass grommets every 24” allow for overhead suspension.

And Evenair Diffusion Duct can be connected to any air unit using its sewn-in grommets, velcro, or belted cuff collars. End caps are also available to block off the duct run.

evenair diffusion duct ventilation straight white
evenair diffusion duct ventilation grommet white
evenair diffusion duct ventilation rolled up white


  • High-strength, lightweight, fire-retardant (FR) white PE fabric
  • Water-repellent and mold/mildew resistant
  • 2” vent holes every 48” to disperse air evenly over larger spaces
  • Sewn-in brass grommets every 24" for overhead applications
  • Belted-cuff/Velcro collars for easy connection
  • End caps also available to block off the duct run
  • Custom Options Available
Size (Diameter)
12” - 20’
Size (Length)
25' or 50'
Temperature Rating
–22°F to 200°F (–30°C to 93°C)


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Gear Points

Reusable, lightweight, flexible, and versatile enough to be connected anywhere on your worksite.

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Vent hot or cold air through longer applications improving airflow and air quality, especially over long runs.

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PE fabric with 2” perforated holes in the 4 and 8 o’clock positions every 48” for even air circulation.

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Flame resistant, water repellent, mildew resistant, UV resistant.

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Includes sewn-in grommets for overhead applications.

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Connect to any air unit with the versatile belted-cuff/Velcro collar and optional end caps.

SKU Table

Evenair Diffusion Duct

Item No.Product DescriptionDiameterLength
409258Duct with Belted-Cuff / Velcro Collar12"25'
409259Duct with Belted-Cuff / Velcro Collar12"50'
409261PE End Cap with Velcro Collar12"
409264Duct with Belted-Cuff / Velcro Collar16"25'
409265Duct with Belted-Cuff / Velcro Collar16"50'
409266PE End Cap with Velcro Collar16"
412143Duct with Belted-Cuff / Velcro Collar20"25'
412144Duct with Belted-Cuff / Velcro Collar20"50'
412145PE End Cap with Velcro Collar20"

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