Doesn't biodegrade or collapse under foundation weight over time

Protect foundations from damage due to frost heave and soil swell with insulative properties to prevent thermal transfer. And it's resistant to moisture, insects, vermin, and mold.

User-friendly, easy to install, and no top decking required, including plywood or other protected covers, saving you time and money.

Engineered structural load-bearing, resilient void form is made with highly durable closed-cell polyethylene foam.

nordic void form construction foam soil expansion diagram
nordic void form construction foam up close
nordic void form construction foam close up shot


  • Fabricated with extremely resilient closed cell polyethylene (PE) foam
  • Three grades available, each designed for specific application conditions
  • Bond individual planks together to produce thickness and shape specific to your needs
  • Compressive Set – EN/ISO > 90%
  • Vertical Compression 23°C, 25%
  • Compression, Recovery > 90%
  • ASTM D3575 (Suffix B), 50%
  • Compression, Recovery > 80%
Size (Width)
Size (Length)
Size (Thickness)
2” to 12”
Extremely resilient closed cell polyethylene (PE) foam


Frequently asked questions

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Gear Points

Nordic Form outlasts and outworks traditional void materials because it is designed not to biodegrade or collapse under the weight of the foundation over time.

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Protects foundations from frost heave and soil swell.

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Made with highly resilient closed-cell polyethylene foam. Recovers most of its thickness, preventing void space from filling with debris.

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Moisture, insect, vermin, mold and hydrocarbon resistant.

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Planks can be bonded together to create any thickness and shape.

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Easy to install and performs consistently over a wide range of temperatures.

SKU Table

Nordic Void Form

Item No.ProductCut Size
409658Nordic Void 10012"T x 48" x 108"
380277Nordic Void 1002"T x 48” x 108”
380278Nordic Void 1004"T x 48” x 108”
380279Nordic Void 1006"T x 48” x 108”
380280Nordic Void 1008"T x 48” x 108”
380281Nordic Void 10010"T x 48” x 108”
380297Nordic Void 2002"T x 48” x 108”
380298Nordic Void 2004"T x 48” x 108”
380299Nordic Void 2006"T x 48” x 108”
380300Nordic Void 2008"T x 48” x 108”
380301Nordic Void 20010"T x 48” x 108”
409659Nordic Void 20012"T x 48" x 108"
410191Nordic Void 4002"T x 24” x 108”
410192Nordic Void 4004"T x 24” x 108”
410193Nordic Void 4006"T x 24” x 108”
451334Nordic Void 4008"T x 24” x 108”

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