An all-in-one indoor AC exhaust gear system

The wire helix and smooth interior on the exhaust duct create unrestricted airflow, so it's more efficient and quieter.

Manufactured using lightweight, tear and fire-resistant Polyethylene (PE) fabric that's easy to install, handle, and clean.

Paired with an innovative step flange design on the 12” ceiling tile makes storage, installation, and connection even easier.

ac exhaust tile and duct temporary portable ducting diagonal extended
ac exhaust tile and duct temporary portable ducting full assembly
ac exhaust-tile and duct temporary portable ducting quick grip collar


  • No tools needed! The QuickGrip collar secures to any HVAC unit quickly and efficiently
  • Lightweight, tear-resistant Polyethylene (PE) fabric
  • Solid tube duct has a smooth, efficient, and quiet airflow
  • Deep flare in the step flange design creates a stronger anchor point for belted cuff ducts.
  • Lock stitching minimizes wear and tear and creates a long-lasting duct.
  • PE wear strip and duct stay bright and won’t change color over time.
  • Clean the duct easily with soap and water or pressure wash.
  • Stays white and bright with every use.
  • Passes FR Testing to NFPA-701 certification.
  • Exhaust tile made from rugged and flexible ABS material.
  • Custom Options Available
Duct (Diameter)
12” or 16”
Duct (Length)
8’ or 12’
Temperature Rating
–22°F to 200°F (–30°C to 93°C)


Frequently asked questions

ac exhaust tile and duct temporary portable ducting gear points


Gear Points

The industry’s first integrated QuickGrip collar makes ducting handling and installation easier.

Protect Icon


Ventilate hot air through a drop ceiling and keep temperatures down by providing cool, fresh air.

Withstand Icon


Highly durable PE fabric is resistant to tears. And wear strip prevents abrasive wear from perforating/damaging the duct.

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Flame resistant, water repellent, mildew resistant. And advanced PE fabric also resists UV rays so it doesn't yellow over time.

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The New QuickGrip collar secures quickly and efficiently, so no tools required.

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Special coating and wire helix reduces friction and improves flow rate.

SKU Table

AC Exhaust Tile & Duct Ceiling Kit

Product No.ProductDiameterLengthTile Size
451168A/C Exhaust Duct & Ceiling Tile12"8'24” x 24”x 12”
451169A/C Exhaust Duct & Ceiling Tile16"8'24” x 24”x 16”
451164A/C Exhaust Duct- White12"8'N/A
462374A/C Exhaust Duct- White12"12'N/A
451165A/C Exhaust Duct- White16"8'N/A
462375A/C Exhaust Duct- White16"12'N/A
453904Ceiling Tile - ( Tile Only - 4 /Box)N/AN/A24” x 24”x 12”
453908Ceiling Tile - ( Tile Only - 4 /Box)N/AN/A24” x 24”x 16”

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