Customize airflow to address any demand

Our accessory lineup includes elbow adapters that keep air flowing through turns and corners, and Wye adapters that divert air down two different paths.

Enlargers and reducers are used to increase or decrease the diameter of your duct, enabling you to customize the ducting for almost any demand.

ac ventilation adapters wye adapter wire ring collar
ac ventilation adapters elbow duct wire ring
ac ventilation adapters temporary portable ducting reducer belted cuff collar


  • A/C and Ventilation Adapters are made with our Polyethylene (PE) fabric.
  • PE fabric resists UV rays and is flame-resistant, water-repellent, and mildew-resistant.
  • PE fabric is highly durable and resistant to tears.
  • Adapters are available in a variety of sizes and Wye-splitter, T-splitter and elbow-bend configurations. Enlargers and reducers are also available in multiple configurations. Custom sizing available upon request.
  • Sheet-metal splitters and reducers can be replaced with our lightweight fabric accessories as a cost-saving alternative.
  • Easy to compress for compact storage and transport
Size (Dimensions)
12” x 12” x 12” - 20” x 20” x 20”
Temperature Rating
200°F (93°C)
3 Wire-Ring Collars | Wire-Ring Collars | Wire-Ring / Belted-Cuff Collars


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ac ventilation adapters portable temporary ducting gear points


Gear Points

Giving you the ability to customize airflow for almost any demand.

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Customize your airflow to distribute AC & Ventilation where it's needed most.

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200°F (93°C)–rated silicone fabric.

Resist Icon


High-performance fabric resists UV rays, flame-resistant, water repellent, mildew-resistant.

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Wye, T-Splitter, 90° elbow and reducer/enlarger configurations

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Quick-connect collar configurations provide a secure connection.

SKU Table

AC & Ventilation Adapters

Item No.ProductDimensionsTemp RatingConnectionColour
451202Wye Adapter12"x12"x12"200°F (93°C)Wire Ring CollarsWhite
451203Wye Adapter14"x14"x14"200°F (93°C)Wire Ring CollarsWhite
456339Wye Adapter16"x12"x12"200°F (93°C)Wire Ring CollarsWhite
451204Wye Adapter16"x16"x16"200°F (93°C)Wire Ring CollarsWhite
413970Wye Adapter20"x12"x12"200°F (93°C)Wire Ring CollarsWhite
413921Wye Adapter20"x20"x20"200°F (93°C)Wire Ring CollarsWhite
451134Reducer/Enlarger10" to 12"200°F (93°C)Wire-Ring / Belted-Cuff CollarsWhite
451135Reducer/Enlarger12" to 16"200°F (93°C)Wire-Ring Collars(Both Ends)White
451136Reducer/Enlarger16" to 20"200°F (93°C)Wire-Ring Collars(Both Ends)White
451197Reducer/Enlarger20" to 24"200°F (93°C)Wire-Ring / Belted-Cuff CollarsWhite
413922Elbow Duct20" x 20"200°F (93°C)Wire-Ring Collars(Both Ends)White

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