Engineered with premium fabrics and unique features

Made with a wire helix core, durable wear strip, and advanced Woven Coated Polyethylene (PE) fabric, this duct not only has superior tear resistance and prevents kinks, but it also stands up to wind, water, mold, mildew, and fire.

The PE fabric resists harsh UV rays, and the waxy finish makes it easy to pressure wash, giving you a whiter, brighter duct that lasts. And its smooth finish keeps air flowing through at a maximum rate.

It's built-in suspension tabs allow you to fasten the ducting from above, and attached compression straps make it easy to pack and store.

aero airstream duct ac ventilation belted cuff straight
aero airstream duct ac ventilation belted cuff snake
aero airstream duct ac ventilation belted cuff compressed


  • PE fabric’s smooth interior provides maximum airflow with minimal friction loss to deliver the maximum volume of air to where you need it
  • Limited puncture and tear damage, ensuring performance isn’t compromised
  • Water, mold/mildew, and fire resistant, and odor-free
  • Fire Retardant PVC wear strip provides an additional layer of protection
  • UV-resistant chromatic finish ensures a bright-white, no-fade professional look, even after extensive use
  • Wire helix provides a strong structure, ensuring consistent airflow in both horizontal and vertical applications
  • Sewn-in grommet tabs allow for easy overhead suspension
  • Available in a 6” Supply Pitch or a 4” Return Pitch
  • Integrated compression straps assist with carrying and ensure compact storage
  • Passes FR testing to NFPA 701 and CAN/ULC-S109 standard
  • Insulated Supply Duct also available
  • Custom Options Available
Size (Pitch)
4” and 6”
Size (Diameter)
12” - 24”
Size (Length)
15’ or 25’
Collar Configuration
New QuickGrip collar Multiple collar configurations for different connections—wire-ring and belted-cuff


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Gear Points

Protect Icon


Direct cooled air into your jobsite maintains a comfortable, well-ventilated environment for your team.

Withstand Icon


PE fabric is highly durable and resistant to tears. Wear strip prevents abrasive wear from perforating/damaging the duct.

Resist Icon


Advanced PE fabric resists UV rays, will not yellow over time. Flame resistant, water repellent, mildew resistant

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Horizontal or Vertical Installation.

Perform Icon


Quick-connect collar configurations provide a secure connection.

SKU Table

Aero Airstream™

ApplicationPitchAvailable SizesCollar Configuration
Supply6"12” x 15’ 12” x 25’ 14” x 25’ 16” x 15’ 16” x 25’ 18” x 25’ 20” x 15’ 20” x 25’ 24” x 25’Various
Insulated Supply6"12” x 25’ 16” x 25’ 20” x 25’QuickGrip / Wire Ring
Return4"12” x 25’ 14” x 25’ 16” x 25’ 20” x 25’ 24” x 25’Various

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