Food-grade protection to transport your agricultural commodities.

Transform standard intermodal ocean containers into dry, contaminant-free bulk transportation systems for agricultural products, including grains, malt, barley, soybeans, soymeal, and pulse products.

Made from durable reinforced polyethylene fabric, a built-in bulkhead, and full-body welded seams, these liners will safeguard your products against outside contaminants.

Unique attachments, heavy-duty zipper, and thicker fabric ends (bulkheads) make this liner an excellent choice for worry-free shipments.

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  • Facilitates the loading of bulk agricultural products in intermodal shipping containers
  • Built-in bulkhead acts as a fourth wall at the door end to hold your product in place.
  • Fabricated with durable coated woven PE fabric
  • Full-body, no leak welded seams ensure your products arrive contaminant-free
  • Adjustable straps and connectors make for quick and easy installation
  • Lightweight and flexible for easy handling and installation
  • Certified by ISO 9001–approved production facility
Standard Container Sizes
20’ or 40’
High-Cube (HC) Container Sizes
Install Requirements
Five steel bracing bars (A500 or A53) | Norseman recommends a bar 1.66” OD x .125” wall minimum x 94.5” long or square tube equivalent.


Frequently asked questions

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Gear Points

Ensure a dry, containment-free bulk transportation system for agricultural products.

Protect Icon


Built-in bulkhead offers full six-sided protection for your products

Withstand Icon


Coated woven polyethylene (PE) fabric material is durable.

Resist Icon


Full-body welded seams stand up against the rigors of shipping in intermodal containers.

Fit Icon


Comes in a variety of sizes to fit in standard, high-cube, and intermodal containers and even custom sizes for job adaptability.

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Can handle a wide variety of agricultural products during the shipping process.

Full Agricultural Liner Installation Guide

In this video, we'll demonstrate how to install Norseman's full agricultural liner to transform a standard intermodal ocean container into a dry, contaminant-free bulk transportation system for agricultural products.

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