When you’re dealing with sensitive chemicals that can easily become airborne or have undesirable reactions when mixed with other materials, keeping things isolated and clean is your number one priority.

We have a team of experts that specialize in containerized shipping solutions, helping companies transport sensitive bulk goods safely keeping them contaminant-free.

Whatever your requirements are, our team is committed to finding you the best solution that lets you do your job without worrying about safety or complete protection.

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Contaminant-Free Transport

We provide solutions that ensure the secure and contaminant-free transportation of sensitive bulk goods, such as chemical resins. This is critical to maintaining product integrity and safety during transport.

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Isolated and Clean Environment

Ensuring sensitive chemicals remain isolated while maintaining the shipping containers' cleanliness is paramount to prevent unwanted mixing of materials that may result in adverse reactions or effects.

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Expert Support

Our experts are committed to collaborating with you to identify the optimal solution that caters to the chemicals you handle, the desired outcomes, and the potential risks you might encounter.

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Resin & Chemical, Full PE Liners

Protect bulk resin and chemical products.

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Bulkhead Systems

Cost-effective way to contain your bulk commodity exports.

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Norseman Bracing System

Patented bracing system to restrain cargo in a container.

desiccants containerized shipping solutions nordic dry feature


Protect your containerized goods from moisture damage.


Portable Secondary Containment Berms

Inexpensive and portable environmental safeguard ideal for small areas.


L-Rod Secondary Containment Berms

Keep your worksite safe, clean and within regulations. Protect against leaks and spills.


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