Custom-Fitted solution for tailings pond barge


Create custom enclosures for two tailings pond barges with easy access and inclement weather protection.

(CNRL) Canadian Natural Resources Limited
Easy to implement, set-up and maintain systems within.


  • The Current scaffolding system is expensive and time-consuming to set up and tear down.
  • Extreme weather conditions impede the ability to work efficiently and safely.


Norseman helped CNRL find a solution to enclosing two barges on their tailings ponds. Prior to Norseman’s involvement, CNRL was using a scaffolding system.

This system was costly to operate due to the time needed to set up and tear down for required maintenance. In addition to the cost, both financial and in man-hours, the previous system was not insulated or properly sealed. This resulted in less-than-optimal operating conditions for the workers who were servicing the barge.


  • The custom-fabricated system allowed easy access for maintenance whenever it was needed.
  • The insulated, custom-cut, fabric was an ideal solution that protected the instruments and workers from the weather.
  • The system was custom-made to spec. The system is easy to set up and tear down and eliminates the need to hire a scaffolding contractor to set up and tear the scaffold hoarding every season.

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