Custom Case and Packaging Inserts for Products, Protection, and Presentation

There is no cookie-cutter approach when it comes to custom case and packaging inserts; each one is custom designed by our technical foam experts and ranges from fully finished products and components to complete foam packaging.

Well-designed custom foam cases are not just a luxury but a smart business investment. By protecting your products and enhancing your reputation, you can make a lasting impression on your customers.

Our sturdy and visually appealing case inserts can help boost your credibility and give your brand the professional image it deserves.

feature capability custom case inserts 1500x1100

Case Insert Manufacturing

What to Expect

To create the perfect custom case insert, our team ensures precision in every aspect of your product details.

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Our manufacturing facilities offer thermoforming or CNC-cutting to get the precise shape required.

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Norseman employs 3D-engineered designs to ensure that the personalized design meets the requirements of your application.

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Inserts meet exact specifications. They'll fit snugly into your case, drawer or desired containment solution

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Based on factors such as weight, height, product fragility, and shipping method, we will identify the foam with the optimal density.

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Our experts go over every detail with you, including multi-cavity depths and color variety to enhance functionality and appearance.

Types of Custom Case Inserts

  • Drone Case Insert
  • Camera Equipment Inserts
  • Tool Inserts
  • Medical and lab equipment inserts
  • Consumer-Product Packaging Inserts
  • Mechanical Case Inserts
  • ...and more
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