Military portable ducting solutions.

Portable temporary ducting is a vital part of a successful environmental control solution; Norseman’s customized rugged, versatile ductwork is designed to operate in the harshest environments.

We've designed and fabricated a diverse range of technical fabric protective solutions for the armed forces, allies, the defense industry, commercial OEMs, and a host of industrial applications.

Our portable ducting gear can be trusted and relied upon in the most demanding environments.

You can rely on Norseman as your trusted product development partner.

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End-to-end customized ducting solutions

Our custom solutions are designed to meet military-specific needs and comply with tight regulations in the defense sector.

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Manufacturing expertise

We're experts in designing rugged, flexible, and versatile ducting solutions that meet military performance specifications.

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Proprietary materials

We have access to proprietary materials that maintain functionality when used in harsh environments and under extreme weather conditions.

Custom Specifications

  • Fabric: Custom fabric and custom color combinations are available, from brand-specific colors to Pantone® color-matching fabrics.
  • Insulation: Non-woven insulation can be added to minimize the heat transfer between the conditioned air inside the ductwork and the ambient air.
  • Wear Strips: Wear strips add an extra layer of protection from wear and tear and are attached to the outside of the duct during the manufacturing process.
  • Diameter: We offer ducting from 12” to 24” in diameter.
  • Pitch: The pitch of the duct refers to the distance between corresponding areas on two loops in the wire. Pitch can vary by application.
  • Finishing: Ducting ends can be finished with any of our collars: belted-cuff, wire-ring, pin-lock, gear-clamp, or our new QuickGrip end collar
12" - 24"
4" return, 6" supply (Pitch can vary on application)
Collar Types
Belted-cuff, wire-ring, pin-lock, gear-clamp or QuickGrip collar

Our Process

5P Product Development Process

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Create cost-effective custom protective solutions manufactured from materials we trust.

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Develop functional prototypes for pre-production validation and verification.

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Coast-to-coast manufacturing capabilities, with in-house integrated ERP technology and cross-border logistics with on-time worry-free delivery.

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We are Fiercely Reliable™, working side by side with suppliers, partners, and customers for over 100 years.

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Reliable protective solutions that help our customers outwork, outperform and overachieve.

custom ducting military capability feature 1500x1100


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