Manufactured in-house and tailored to your requirements.

Our manufacturing equipment is custom-built and speeds up the process by allowing us to bulk-process fabric, wire, and reinforcement assemblies.

Customization options include ducting-pitch sizes, custom diameters ranging from 12" to 24", and a vast selection of industrial materials. If we don't have the material you're looking for, we'll find it through our network of trusted suppliers.

Custom fabric and color combinations are also available; from brand-specific colors to Pantone® color-matching fabrics, our team of problem solvers can help meet your requirements.

Custom solutions for tight regulations and demanding environments

Design Capabilities

We start by assessing your requirements; our team works closely with you to design and manufacture a custom solution to meet your business requirements. We offer our customers diverse design and prototyping, from product development and initial design to product modification and maintenance.

Fabric Solution

Norseman has earned a reputation with our customers as ”The Problem Solvers.” We understand the unique properties of industrial fabrics and how they interact over a product’s life cycle. We consider the application of each protective solution before we select the material. We look at the climate, worksite temperatures, protection requirements and the environment before recommending a fabric solution from our wide range of industrial materials.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Proudly manufacturing in Canada since 1921, we continuously innovate our fabrication practices by developing new equipment, automating processes and techniques, and integrating technology to ensure we stay ahead of our customers’ need for durable, versatile protective solutions.

Custom Specifications

  • Fabric: Norseman has a wide variety of materials to choose from, including our proprietary Arctic Hyprene™ fabric. If we don’t have the fabric you’re looking for, we’ll custom order it for you in the appropriate Pantone®.
  • Wear Strips: Wear strips add an extra layer of protection from wear and tear and are attached to the outside of the duct during the manufacturing process.
  • Diameter: We offer ducting from 12” to 24” in diameter.
  • Pitch: The pitch of the wire refers to the distance between corresponding areas on two loops in the wire. Our standard pitches are 4” (return) and 6” (supply). Note: Tighter pitch grants more duct strength but imposes greater overall rigidity.
  • Finishing: Ducting ends can be finished with any of our connectors: belted-cuff, wire-ring, pin-lock or our new QuickGrip end collar
12" - 24"
4" return, 6" supply (Pitch can vary on application)
Collar Types
Belted-cuff, wire-ring, pin-lock, gear-clamp or QuickGrip collar

Our Process

5P Product Development Process

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Create cost-effective custom protective solutions manufactured from materials we trust.

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Develop functional prototypes for pre-production validation and verification.

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Coast-to-coast manufacturing capabilities, with in-house integrated ERP technology and cross-border logistics with on-time worry-free delivery.

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We are Fiercely Reliable™, working side by side with suppliers, partners, and customers for over 100 years.

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Reliable protective solutions that help our customers outwork, outperform and overachieve.


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