Protect commodities from humidity during transport

Desiccants absorb humidity and prevent condensation in containers so your cargo arrives in optimal condition.

They're 100% recyclable, non-toxic solution that's a mix of calcium chloride (CaCl2) and coco peat. This makes the desiccants highly hygroscopic and collects water molecules from the air while the coco peat binding agent absorbs the water into a solid mass.

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  • High absorption capacity
  • Protection from moisture-related issues and container rain during ocean/intermodal freight shipments.
  • Fast absorption rate: Efficient reduction of humidity
  • Leak-proof: desiccants packaging is robust and stable
  • Long-lasting: The desiccants will still be working for you more than three months after activation, providing it has not reached saturation point
  • Environmentally-friendly ; 100% biodegradable
  • Verified to be 100% non-toxic by the ALS Laboratory
  • Approved for use in all transportation of food and agricultural products
  • Available in various sizes ranging from 375g to 2000g
Coco peat, Calcium chloride CaCl2
375g - 2000g


Frequently asked questions

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Gear Points

Absorb humidity and prevent condensation in ocean containers, so your cargo arrives in optimal condition.

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Goods arrive in optimal condition, free from corrosion, staining, mold, mildew, fungus, caking, and the growth of bacteria.

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Robust and stable packaging that is leak-proof and long lasting.

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All plastic parts can be fully recycled, with CaCl2 dissolving and coco peat biodegrading.

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Available in various sizes to fit different-sized shipping containers.

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Efficient construction and durability to ensure that containerized shipped goods arrive free of moisture-related problems.

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