For heat and AC applications

It’s manufactured with clear Polyethylene (PE) plastic, allowing for maximum elasticity, flexibility, and resistance to tearing.

Layflat Tubing Duct is versatile, lightweight, and disposable.

disposable layflat duct clear tubing roll
disposable layflat duct clear tubing inflated blower


  • Made with clear PE plastic
  • Water repellant and mold/mildew resistant
  • 4 mils thick for additional strength
  • Collapses when airflow stops
  • 500’ of flat PE tubing per roll for cutting custom lengths
  • Cut diffusion holes where they are needed.
  • Not designed for permanent installations.
Size (Diameter)
12” - 20”
Size (Length)
500’ roll
Clear Polyethylene (PE) plastic


Frequently asked questions

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Gear Points

The economical, disposable choice for temporary air diffusion.

Protect Icon


Transfer large volumes of forced air to confined areas quickly and easily.

Withstand Icon


Clear, lightweight PE plastic with 4 Mil thickness.

Resist Icon


Water repellant, mold/mildew and tear resistant.

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Packaged as a roll to quickly cut to the length you need.

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Economical and disposable option to move air in large volumes in heat and AC applications.

SKU Table

Layflat Tubing - Disposable

Item No.Collar ConnectionsDiameterLength
458182Layflat Tubing - DisposableFits 12"500'
458188Layflat Tubing - DisposableFits 16"500'
458192Layflat Tubing - DisposableFits 20"500'

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