Drill year-round

Protect your crew and equipment from the elements with industry-leading Rig Enclosures so you can improve safety, reduce downtime and maximize productivity.

Our design versatility and manufacturing capabilities allow for custom fabrication to specific requirements.

Our innovative hardware design allows for quick easy set-up and takedown with all fabric components labeled for easy identification and installation.

Norseman's Drilling Rig Enclosures made with proprietary Arctic Hyprene™ fabric are designed to last for years and allow you to drill year-round.

drilling rig enclosures equipment protection tarps rig
drilling rig enclosures equipment protection tarps rig m59
drilling rig enclosures equipment protection tarps


  • Design to build, or modify an existing product
  • No-weld handrail clamp; pin-and-pocket frame design
  • Accommodate a wide variety of door sizes, cutout styles, and locations
  • In-house designers help you choose the best material, hardware, and manufacturing method for your rig needs
  • Materials are selected for your specific weather challenges
  • Designed for quick, easy setup and takedown
  • Rig hooks for secure frame attachment
  • Cargo webbing and ratchet design for open substructures
  • Fully disassembles for easy shipping and storage
Steel that conforms to CSA-G420.21 Grade 50W
Arctic Hyprene™ fabric


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Gear Points

Maximize productivity by reducing downtime and drilling year-round.

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Keep your drilling rig and crew protected from environmental hazards.

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Arctic Hyprene™ fabric lasts for years of use and stays flexible even at -40 °F/°C.

Resist Icon


Oil rig enclosures are water-repellent, mildew-resistant, flame resistant, with high operating temperatures to let your team excel in any weather condition.

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Custom-built to fit your needs, including a variety of door sizes, cutout styles, and locations.

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Built tough and made to last against the toughest conditions.

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