Customize airflow to address demand

Choose from various connectors that transfer air for almost any situation.

Elbow adapters maintain airflow around turns and corners, while the wye adapter sends air down two different paths. You can even change the diameter of your duct opening with enlargers or reducers.

And ducting adapters fully collapse for easy storage when not in use.

heat ducting adapters portable wye connection gray
heat ducting adapters portable wye belted cuff to wire ring
heat ducting adapters portable wye belted cuff to pin lock collar


  • Heat adapters are made with 500°F (260°C)– rated silicone fabric
  • Configurations: wye-splitters with various connection options
  • Custom sizing available upon request
  • Replace sheet-metal splitters and reducers with lightweight fabric accessories as a cost-saving alternative
  • Compact storage and transport
  • Designed to fit any connection option: Belted-cuff, Pin-lock, Gear-clamp or Wire-ring
Size (Dimensions)
12” x 12” x 12” - 24” x 16” x 16”
Temperature Rating
500°F (260°C)
3 Wire-Ring Collars | Belted-Cuff / 2 Pin-Lock | Belted-Cuff / 2 Wire-Ring | Pin-Lock


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Gear Points

Giving you the ability to customize airflow for almost any demand.

Protect Icon


Customize your airflow to distribute heat where it is needed most.

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500°F (260°C)–rated silicone fabric.

Resist Icon


Flame resistant, water repellent, mildew resistant, UV resistant. Partial silicone liner for advanced 500°F heat protection at the entry point.

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Horizontal airflow applications only.

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Multiple collar attachments allow for a quick and secure connection to warm air with minimal heat or volume loss.

SKU Table

Heat Ducting Adapters

Item No.ProductDimensionsTemp RatingConnectionColour
413175Wye Adapter - Heater Duct12"x12"x12"500°F (260°C)3 Wire Ring CollarsSilver
413316Wye Adapter - Heater Duct12"x12"x12"500°F (260°C)Belted-Cuff / 2 Pin-LockSilver
456230Wye Adapter - Heater Duct16"x12"x12"500°F (260°C)Belted-Cuff / 2 Wire-RingSilver
456380Wye Adapter - Heater Duct16"x16"x16"500°F (260°C)Belted-Cuff / 2 Wire-RingSilver
462154Wye Adapter - Heater Duct20” x 12” x 12”500°F (260°C)Belted-Cuff / 2 Wire-RingSilver
413301Wye Adapter - Heater Duct24” x 16” x 16”500°F (260°C)Belted-Cuff / 2 Wire-RingSilver
450760Duct Flange Adapter, Box Heater12"N/APin-LockBlack

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