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Industrial job sites are high-stakes environments - with unique hazards, large-scale equipment, long project timelines and varying seasonality. Crews are focused on delivering a successful project on time and within budget while keeping everyone safe.

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Work Space Functionality

Transform large open worksites into high-performance environments by introducing protective barriers to contain debris, dust and industrial materials on site.

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Expert Selection of Materials

Get the right industrial fabric and/or foam that will give you the best product performance. Norseman gear outlasts, outperforms and overachieves.

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Protect your crew

Keep your productivity at its peak with shelters and blankets to protect your crew from inclement weather while creating a comfortable working space no matter the circumstance.

Industrial Fabric Products

sitepro m series light duty tents industrial fabrics feature image

SitePro M-Series Light Duty Tents

Fire-resistant, quick and easy setup welding tent protects workers from the elements.


SitePro W-Series Heavy Duty Tents

A durable welding and utility tent for pipeline and construction projects.

building covers end wall panels building cover feature

Building Covers and End-Wall Panels

Custom-designed covers and end-wall systems that improve comfort and safety.


Portable Secondary Containment Berms

Inexpensive and portable environmental safeguard ideal for small areas.


L-Rod Secondary Containment Berms

Keep your worksite safe, clean and within regulations. Protect against leaks and spills.

industrial divider curtains fabrics feature image

Industrial Divider Curtains

Divide indoor areas into workspaces with curtain walls to isolate equipment.

pipeline cooling blankets industrial fabrics feature

Pipeline Cooling Blankets

Prevent welding cracks and warping caused by rapid cooling.


Noise & Dust Control Enclosures

Noise reduction barriers where hearing protection is required or your equipment is near populated areas.

tank and skid enclosure protection industrial fabrics feature

Tank & Skid Enclosures

Protect your crew and equipment against the elements.

Jobsite Protection Products

Thumbnail_0001_Insulated Blankets.jpg

Insulated Blankets

Designed to withstand punishing conditions and protect your crew.

roll stock construction jobsite protection feature

Roll Stock

Cost-efficient solution for a range of conditions and budgets.

Thumbnail_0003_Poly Construction Tarps.jpg

Poly Construction Tarps

Protect against moisture and elements for minimal cost.

scaffold sheeting construction jobsite protection feature image

Scaffold Sheeting

Lightweight, flexible and easy to handle jobsite protection for every season.

interlocking hoarding tarps construction jobsite protection feature image

Interlocking Hoarding Tarps

Jobsite gear system that protects your crew.

Thumbnail_0002_Debris Netting.jpg

Debris & Privacy Netting

Keep the elements out and contain debris and items within your jobsite.

Custom Solutions

Custom Foam Fabrication


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