Provide uncompromising, relentless protection for your workers, site and gear.

Lightweight and flexible, these insulated blankets maintain superior insulation properties over time.

Made with polyethylene closed-cell foam to the outer edges to prevent heat loss. The double-stitched edge seam ensures the insulation foam does not shift.

Designed to withstand punishing conditions and maintain structural integrity so your crew won't have any surprises when using these on the job.

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  • Ideal for hoarding applications, concrete curing, and ground thaw
  • Manufactured to maintain exceptional structural integrity over time and withstand punishing conditions.
  • Made with polyethylene closed-cell foam to the outer edges, preventing heat loss
  • Crafted meticulously to be lightweight and flexible in sub-zero temperatures
  • Double-stitched edge seam prevents the insulation foam from shifting
  • Middle overlapping seam reduces billowing on 12’-wide blankets
  • Available in 1/8", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8" nominal thickness with custom options available
  • All blankets have grommets
  • Semi-translucent packaging for visibility
  • Folded and palletized for easy, economical shipping and storage
  • Flatpack delivery standard
  • Used to enhance your working environment and improve safety
  • Combine with Norseman’s advanced heat ducting for a high-performance thermal system that addresses all of your heating needs
  • Custom options available, including colors and company logo
Size (Width)
6’ and 12’
Size (Length)
20’ and 24’
Size (Thickness)
1/8", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8" nominal thickness with custom options available


Frequently Asked Questions

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Gear Points

Insulated blankets are best used to mitigate cold temperatures on job sites, including hoarding, concrete curing, and ground thaw.

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Insulated Blankets prevent heat loss with foam filled to the outer edges and double-stitched seams to stay intact.

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Retention of insulation properties using closed-cell foam insulation.

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Resists moisture, mildew and UV rays.

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Four standard nominal thicknesses with custom options available.

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Lightweight, flexible, and lie flat in sub-zero temperatures.

SKU Table

Insulated Blankets

CB3403081FP-PE6'x24'3/16"48” Grommet Spacing
CB3402290FP-PE12'x20'3/16"48” Grommet Spacing
CB3402313FP-PE12'x24'3/16"48” Grommet Spacing
CB4410692FP-PE6'x24'3/8"Corner Grommets
CB4411585FP-PE12'x24'3/8"Corner Grommets
CB6458198FP6'x24'1/2"Corner Grommets
CB6458199FP12'x24'1/2"Corner Grommets
CB8412687FP6'x24'5/8"Corner Grommets
CB8412688FP12’ x 24’5/8"Corner Grommets

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