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According to Proline Pipe’s Purchasing Manager, Cory Solinski “There is nothing better out there in the market than a W-series tent. It’s fairly simple, straightforward to erect, lasts a long time, and is sturdy, strong, everything you want.”

But even the best doesn’t meet everyone’s needs.

The W-series strength comes from its frame. Because it doesn't fully collapse which makes it ideal for long-term use, even in arctic winters. It’s designed to be picked up and moved around a job site with a crane.

But sturdy and durable doesn’t equate with compact, lightweight, and portable.

Proline Pipe Equipment
A strong compact, cost-effective, and easy to use pop-up tent
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Identifying a product gap

There wasn’t much in the middle.

Some customers were forfeiting strength and durability for the portability of pop-up tents readily available at big box retailers.

Cory explains, “We found a need. Our team lost some sales to customers wanting something a bit smaller, easier to handle, and more economical. They needed something they could put in their pickup, or in the backseat, and have it with them when they need it.

Developing a tent to meet the needs

Proline Pipe approached Norseman with the problem and solution. They agreed to transform the vendor/distributor relationship into a product development partnership.

Working together, using end-user feedback and target points, they designed a new welding tent.

The Norseman design department worked with Proline to develop a prototype, test, refine, and manufacture the M-series.

The M-Series Tent fills the gap

Customers needed something more flexible, portable, and lightweight than the W-series.

And it had to be safer, sturdier, and more durable than the retail tents, but just as portable.

The M-series meets the needs.

  • Sturdy and durable enough to withstand daily setup
  • Easy one-person assembly
  • Compact enough to fit into a pickup truck, van, and most cars

And because it’s more compact, courier companies can cost-effectively ship it internationally.

Norseman, with Proline Pipe’s support and feedback, based on their customer needs, worked together to create something more cost-effective, portable, and most importantly, keeps the crew safe.

According to Cory, “Bang for your buck, you can buy a Norseman tent to last for the whole job, or you can spend less upfront on those other tents, but you'll have to buy six or eight of them to last the same time. If you do the math, it's the right bang for your buck.”

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