protective barrier between water systems and the environment

Manhole covers are an effective, temporary solution to help keep debris and other contaminants out of sewer systems and to prevent gases from entering the environment.

Made from 18 oz water-resistant vinyl material in a bright yellow for maximum visibility, safety, and reuse.

Ideal for maintenance during plant shutdowns or construction sites.

Choose from round or square sizes kept in stock or order custom manholes specific for your jobsite needs.

manhole covers industrial fabrics round diameter yellow vinyl
manhole covers industrial fabrics handle black yellow vinyl


  • Made with heavy-duty 18 oz vinyl material
  • Water-resistant materials allow for reuse
  • Bright-yellow fabric for maximum visibility and safety for workers
  • Available in round or square styles with silica-sand-filled or 5/8” rope perimeters and nylon-web carry handles
  • Custom sizes are available to meet site requirements
40”x 40” Square or 36” Round
heavy-duty 18 oz. vinyl with silica-sand-filled or roped hem


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Gear Points

Protect Icon


Keep contaminants from entering the sewer system and stop gasses from escaping.

Withstand Icon


Durable 18 oz bright-yellow vinyl fabric is highly visible and withstands tough construction conditions.

Resist Icon


Water, chemical and hydrocarbon resistant.

Fit Icon


In-stock, ready-to-order products and custom configurations available.

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Portable, easy-to-install, and reusable protection for the environment and your crew.

SKU Table

Manhole Covers

Item No.SizeMaterial
38761340"x40" SquareRoped Hem
38761436" Diameter RoundSand Filled

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