Protecting Products while making them look good

Packaging must strike a balance between safeguarding your products and attracting customers with appealing presentation.

At Norseman, we specialize in creating custom foam fabrication for packaging solutions that not only protect your products but also keep them prominently displayed.

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Experience and Reputation

Norseman has extensive experience in packaging solutions. Over the years, we've assisted customers in packaging and showcasing various products, including electronics, medical and laboratory instruments, audio equipment, and even the commemorative case for the 2010 Olympic Torch.

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Manufacturing Expertise

Norseman is a trusted partner across many industries, primarily due to our manufacturing expertise. Our engineers and manufacturers have access to equipment that allows us to get the most out of foams, including CNC routering, water jet cutting, compression molding, and more.

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Total Customization

Take your packaging to the next level with unique features, such as applying custom die-cut logos of your brand to the product. The possibilities are endless, with our team of foam experts ready to help you develop a solution that works for you.

Foam Fabrication Capabilities

Norseman is a full-service foam fabricator and design solutions for your specific product.

Foam Fabrication Solutions

Design more than just packaging with completely customized foam fabrication solutions


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