Reclamation and environmental projects require caution and care because of the risks involved. Hazardous materials and unknown factors can pose dangers to your crew and surroundings.

At Norseman, we understand the importance of safety and offer protective gear to contain debris, chemicals, and liquids. Our gear also safeguards your crew, job sites, and equipment from hazardous materials.

We prioritize safety and manufacture our gear using reliable industrial fabrics and foams. Our attention to detail ensures strong seams and unique features that help you perform at your best. We are committed to providing effective solutions for protecting the environment and keeping your crew and surroundings safe.

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Contain debris, chemicals and liquids

Norseman provides protective gear that helps you transport and dispose of debris, chemicals, and liquids without contaminating the environment.

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Protection and Prevention

Our gear can help keep your crew, job sites, and equipment safe from exposure to dangerous chemicals and materials. With our reliable industrial fabrics and foams, we manufacture gear with strong seams and unique features to prevent unwanted exposure or contamination.

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reliable industrial fabrics and foams

At Norseman, we prioritize your safety above all else. Our gear is made with dependable industrial fabrics and foams, crafted with high-quality workmanship so that you can perform at your best.

Industry Related Products

manhole covers industrial fabrics feature image

Manhole Covers

Stop debris from entering sewer systems. Durable, reusable and a useful temporary solution.


Portable Secondary Containment Berms

Inexpensive and portable environmental safeguard ideal for small areas.


L-Rod Secondary Containment Berms

Keep your worksite safe, clean and within regulations. Protect against leaks and spills.


Noise & Dust Control Enclosures

Noise reduction barriers where hearing protection is required or your equipment is near populated areas.

tank and skid enclosure protection industrial fabrics feature

Tank & Skid Enclosures

Protect your crew and equipment against the elements.


Nordic Void Form

Protect your job’s foundation through all seasons and temperatures.

thermaguard tg 250 construction foam feature image

ThermaGuard TG-250

Sturdy foundation that stands up to all manner of environmental conditions.

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