You need a sturdy, durable foundation that stands up to the elements.

Nordic Void ThermaGuard TG-250 is made from an olefin polymer that has an additive, which reduces thermal conductivity and improves load bearing and long term creep resistance.

It serves as an insulating flanking material around the perimeters of concrete foundations to reduce the amount of frost penetration underneath to the slab.

thermaguard tg 250 construction foam full block black
thermaguard tg 250 construction foam edge corner
thermaguard tg 250 construction foam frost diagram


  • Designed with closed-cell polyethylene foam
  • Offers improved thermal insulation and enhanced weight-bearing capacity
  • Holds up to frost heave and soil swell over a range of temperatures
  • Resists vermin, moisture and other contaminants
  • Less frost penetration underneath means less heave pressure on concrete slabs
  • Compression, Recovery > 95%
  • Resists compression by a live pour or static load of concrete
  • Load Bearing Deflection is less than 3% with a 24kPa load
Size (Width)
Size (Length)
Size (Thickness)
2" to 8"
Resilient closed-cell polyethylene (PE) foam and olefin polymer


Frequently asked questions

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Gear Points

Nordic Void ThermaGuard TG-250 incorporates all the benefits of Nordic Void Form while improving thermal insulation and lasts for multiple compression cycles, unlike single cycle polystyrene void form.

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Prevents thermal transfer, diminishes conductive heat loss, reduces heave.

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Designed for resilience using closed-cell polyethylene foam. Holds up to frost heave and soil swell and remains stable over a range of temperatures.

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Resists insects, vermin, moisture, mold, frost, bitumen, oil, hydrocarbon and diesel fuel.

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Planks can be bonded to others to perfectly fit your project regardless of thickness or shape. Does not require protective OSB or plywood cover.

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Strong, flexible, polyethylene foam that withstands temperatures. Easy to use and maintains its durability.

SKU Table

Nordic Void ThermaGuard TG-250

Item No.ProductCut Size
450720Nordic Void TM TG 2502"T x 48" x 96"
450721Nordic Void TM TG 2504"T x 48” x 96”
450722Nordic Void TM TG 2506"T x 48” x 96”
450723Nordic Void TM TG 2508"T x 48” x 96”

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