Isolate equipment and protect workers in large spaces

Protect and divide areas to contain or isolate equipment or products.

Create flexible work environments and minimize noise, dust, sparks, and overspray to protect your crew.

Ideal whether you need to create separate areas for your crews to maximize space or want to keep dust and debris contained to one part of your site.

industrial divider curtains fabrics devonian gardens window panel door wall
industrial divider curtains fabrics roman door shop
industrial divider curtains fabrics tall shop roman doors


  • Less expensive than permanent walls and can be quickly installed and removed
  • Keep your workers safe while reducing heating and cooling bills
  • Custom designed to your needs, including preferred color, width, height, vision panel, and curtain-wall material
  • Ideal for dividing manufacturing spaces to maintain temperature, contain smoke, humidity, dust; and control welding spark, paint or wash overspray.
Custom designed to your exact specifications.
Fabric experts help choose the best material for your job needs.


Frequently asked questions

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Gear Points

A cost-effective solution to maximize space by creating separate areas that contain dust, debris, sparks, and overspray

Protect Icon


Minimize noise, dust, sparks, and overspray to protect your crews and equipment

Withstand Icon


Your choice of fabrics for an ideal combination of protection and value

Resist Icon


Moisture, mildew, and flame resistant.

Fit Icon


Custom built to fit your needs.

Perform Icon


Budget-friendly options can be quickly installed and removed to increase your job site privacy, cleanliness, and safety.

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