Norseman has always supported those that do the heavy lifting and hard work, and our support for the oil and gas sector spans nearly 100 years.

Our gear protects your biggest assets and lets you work efficiently, safely, and with consideration for your environment.

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100 years of Oil & Gas support

For more than a century, Norseman has been a reliable partner to the oil & gas industry. Our gear safeguards your most significant assets and facilitates efficient, safe work practices while taking into account environmental considerations.

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Keeping pipelines in their place

Building and maintaining pipelines can be an expensive endeavor, and their susceptibility to damage from harsh weather conditions adds to the challenge. Our cooling blankets and thermal expansion boxes can help secure the pipelines and prevent movement as temperatures fluctuate from extreme cold to scorching heat.

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Confidently move crude and other materials

Norseman containment berms and other protective gear can help you move crude and other materials confidently. Utilize flexible, portable solutions for protecting the environment and containing overflow.

Industry Related Products


Drilling Rig Enclosures

Protect your rig and crew against the elements. Retrofit rigs with custom panels.

top drive service loop covers industrial fabrics feature

Top Drive Service Loop Covers

Avoid repair costs and downtime associated with hang-ups in the mast.

pipeline cooling blankets industrial fabrics feature

Pipeline Cooling Blankets

Prevent welding cracks and warping caused by rapid cooling.


Portable Secondary Containment Berms

Inexpensive and portable environmental safeguard ideal for small areas.


L-Rod Secondary Containment Berms

Keep your worksite safe, clean and within regulations. Protect against leaks and spills.


SitePro W-Series Heavy Duty Tents

A durable welding and utility tent for pipeline and construction projects.

sitepro m series light duty tents industrial fabrics feature image

SitePro M-Series Light Duty Tents

Fire-resistant, quick and easy setup welding tent protects workers from the elements.

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