Anti-static canvas tarp for projects with spark risks

If you're working on a site with any risk of spark, this anti-static gear is a must.

The rugged, flame-resistant, and water-repellent canvas Tarpaulins are versatile enough to be used as hoarding or a protective covering.

Tan-treated tarp duck with a no-rip strip system reinforces grommets along the edge (stronger than rope hems).

Norseman's Tarpaulins are also water, rot, mildew, and flame-resistant.

Use Tarpaulins for temporary building enclosures, construction wrap, weather enclosures, abatement covers, containment covers, ground cover and underlayment, temporary heating enclosures, demolition, and dust and debris control.

tarpaulins industrial fabrics canvas tarps multi size
tarpaulins industrial fabrics canvas tarps corner edge grommet
tarpaulins industrial fabrics canvas tarps hoarding application


  • 17.6 oz treated canvas duck
  • Belly Tarps, Cat Curtains and Deluxe Canvas Tarps are all available in stock
  • Available in flame-resistant (FR) fabric that passes CPAI-84 testing
  • Triple-stitched seams and full 2” reinforced hem
  • Water repellent and treated for rot/mildew resistance
  • Tough, flexible, breathable material
  • Shrinkage is approximately 10%
  • Brass grommets every 24”
  • No-rip-strip system provides grommet and edge reinforcement; stronger than rope hems
  • Additional sizes available upon request
Size (Width)
3’ - 20’
Size (Length)
6’ - 100’
Tan treated tarp duck
Flame Resistant (FR)
fabric passes CPAI-84 testing
Deluxe Canvas Tarp | Belly Tarp | Cat Curtain


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Gear Points

Temporary building enclosures, construction wrap, weather enclosure, abatement covers, containment covers, ground cover and underlayment, temporary heating enclosure, demolition, dust and debris control.

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Keep your team and equipment safe from dust, water, snow, and sparks.

Withstand Icon


Durable canvas fabric and construction performs under a wide range of temperature ranges and conditions.

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Water repellent, mildew & flame resistant.

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Wide range of sizes to match your application.

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Provide a better work environment or protect sensitive machinery with a rugged, lightweight, portable system.

SKU Table


Item No.ProductSizeMaterial
386872Belly Tarps4' x 9'Treated Canvas
411815Belly Tarps4' x 6'Treated Canvas
386879Cat Curtain36" x 100'Treated Canvas
386880Cat Curtain44" x 100'Treated Canvas
411936Cat Curtain (FR)36" x 100'FR Treated Canvas
411937Cat Curtain (FR)44" x 100'FR Treated Canvas
387110Cat Curtain (FR)36" x 100MFR Treated Canvas
387111Cat Curtain (FR)48" x 100MFR Treated Canvas
386787Deluxe Canvas Tarp8' x 10'Treated Canvas
386788Deluxe Canvas Tarp8' x 12'Treated Canvas
386789Deluxe Canvas Tarp10' x 12'Treated Canvas
386790Deluxe Canvas Tarp10' x 14'Treated Canvas
386791Deluxe Canvas Tarp10' x 16'Treated Canvas
386792Deluxe Canvas Tarp10' x 18Treated Canvas
386793Deluxe Canvas Tarp10' x 20'Treated Canvas
386794Deluxe Canvas Tarp12' x 16'Treated Canvas
386795Deluxe Canvas Tarp12' x 18'Treated Canvas
400896Deluxe Canvas Tarp20' x 24'Treated Canvas
400916Deluxe Canvas Tarp20' x 20'Treated Canvas
411726Deluxe Canvas Tarp12' x 20'Treated Canvas
411727Deluxe Canvas Tarp12' x 24'Treated Canvas
450915Deluxe Canvas Tarp6' x 8'Treated Canvas
450916Deluxe Canvas Tarp7' x 9'Treated Canvas
450917Deluxe Canvas Tarp12' x 14'Treated Canvas
450918Deluxe Canvas Tarp14' x 16'Treated Canvas
386848Deluxe Canvas Tarp (FR)6' x 6'FR Treated Canvas
386849Deluxe Canvas Tarp (FR)6' x 8'FR Treated Canvas
386850Deluxe Canvas Tarp (FR)10' x 12'FR Treated Canvas
386851Deluxe Canvas Tarp (FR)12' x 16'FR Treated Canvas
386852Deluxe Canvas Tarp (FR)16' x 20'FR Treated Canvas
386853Deluxe Canvas Tarp (FR)20' x 24'FR Treated Canvas
386854Deluxe Canvas Tarp (FR)6' x 50'FR Treated Canvas
386855Deluxe Canvas Tarp (FR)12' x 50'FR Treated Canvas

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